Story Consultation and Ghostwriting
Cynthia took the time to get to know us, understand what we stand for, and tell the story the way we want it told. Now, our book is almost finished and it's awesome!
Hi, I'm Cynthia.
Full-spectrum ghostwriter. Creator of Time Alchemy coaching. Writer. Lover of wild things. I think being yourself is the most important gig of all. Let's discover one another.
Time Alchemy
Because of the gifts Cynthia gave me in Time Alchemy coaching, I was able finish my second book (and I mean finish . . . even sent off for publication!) in ONE week.

I believe in good great books.

Books that infuse culture with stories of empowerment, hope, and transformation.
Books that don’t gloss over struggle, dismiss real magic, or rely on formulas.
I believe agents, authors, and readers crave the same thing:
to be delighted by a truth, well told.
Authentic stories are our activism. And our bottom lines.
That’s why I empower agents and storytellers to get out the real story,
make some art, and make some money.
If that sounds like your game, welcome!


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