You’re an agent, storyteller, or writer.

You have a story that matters.

You’re ready to share it with the world.

I’m here to help.

Maybe you’re a freakishly busy agent with an author who needs additional writing support with their “real magic” story of hope, empowerment, transformation. You need a talented, reliable co-author or ghostwriter who will strengthen the connection between author and publisher with manuscript and book proposal support.     

Maybe you’re a storyteller with a “true-magic” story that enriches culture with hope, empowerment, transformation, or even miracles. You dream about finally seeing your memoir on the shelf of your local bookstore. You dream about the satisfaction you’d feel when someone approaches you after your reading and tells you how your story helped them. But writing a book can feel daunting if you’re not confident in your writing skills, or when you don’t have the time to create a polished manuscript or book proposal on your own. Perhaps you’re not even sure if your story is a “real book” yet.

Or maybe you’re a writer whose time has arrived. You’ve decided it’s time for a creative or career renaissance. You’re ready to commit to your vision of becoming a “real” writer or published author once-and-for-all, and you need someone to empower and support you as you prioritize and take focused, radical action.

Whether you need the help of a professional, inspired ghostwriter so you can dazzle the world . . .

Or you need structure, support, and practical resources in the form of one-on-one coaching to take your writing from zero to must-readable . . .

Or you want to sell your book . . .

Hi, I’m Cynthia.

Full-spectrum ghostwriter

Book Coach

and Writer

I’m a full-spectrum, professional ghostwriter who became full-time within six months of launching my business and my clients are delighted because of the results they get from working with me.

Let me explain what I mean by full-spectrum.

Full-spectrum means I’m an alchemical mashup of book coach, agent, story collaborator, and writer. Whether you’re an agent with an author or manuscript that needs support, or you’re a storyteller who wants a writer and soup-to-nuts guidance, I customize the mix to fit your needs.

Because I want to put my full focus on y0ur success, I only draft one manuscript at a time. I believe in the power of single tasking and full attention, and I find this allows me to help storytellers create a coherent, compelling story, and translate it to a manuscript.

Here’s what else I offer.

I’m knowledgeable about book publishing and the traditional publishing world, including nonfiction marketing trends. I’ll help educate you and help you decide if you want to try to sell your book to a publisher. When it’s time, I can also guide you through the process of finding an agent and writing a proposal. Or, I’ll write it for you. If traditional publishing is not for you, I will help you build a vision and advocate for the perfection of how you want to share your story.  

I’m a connector with connections. Whenever possible, I provide opportunities to help you do things like gather book blurbs from influential supporters, or get your work in front of agents. I will also leverage my connections and industry knowledge to help you find talented, reliable sub-contractors like the perfect editor.

Because I have a wide range of abilities and things to offer, I customize my contract package to you and your needs.

Learn more about my high-touch, professional ghostwriting services here.

All About My Writing And Coaching

I created the Time Alchemy Program because I wanted to create the thing I wish I had when I went through over 20 years of resistance. Nothing about our journey is wasted but I also acknowledge that those 20 – 25 years represent too many unwritten words and missed opportunities. That’s why Time Alchemy isn’t a coaching program.

It’s a radical empowerment and implementation program that uses inspired planning to help chronically busy, distracted, unfocused writers.

As far as I know, there’s nothing else like it out there.

Learn more about the Time Alchemy Program here

I also offer coaching on book proposals and manuscripts.

I’m a published, highly-skilled, literary writer with a Masters Degree in Literature, who studies with some of the best memoirists and poets in the country.

My poetry has been nominated for a prestigious Ronna Jaffe Broadleaf Conference Award and I have over 10 years of experience teaching writing at the University level. I still remember my best student, Dennis, who entered my class not even realizing he was a writer. A few months later, he wrote to tell me he’d published his first article in AA magazine. Teaching and encouraging my best students to become writers led me to want to help writers outside of the university system.   

I’m an intuitive communicator who’s met and profiled several highly successful people, and I’ve conducted hundreds of hours of interviews. You can find my interview with Pulitzer Prize finalist Alan Shapiro in this book. See my interview of African American poet Vievee Francis here. I was also personal liaison to Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and because my mom worked at the White House, I’ve met 3 American presidents in my lifetime.

Me and Cheryl Strayed

Interested in Working with Me?

Storytellers in need of ghostwriting/editing or story consultations, read about my full-spectrum services.

Storytellers who’ve got the writing down and just need support with book proposals and marketing can write me at

Writers who are ready to take radical action and prioritize your writing NOW, check out the 4-week Time Alchemy program.

Agents, write me at I’ll get back to you within 2 business days. Project synopses and writing samples are available upon request.

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