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The Time Alchemy Program Is Not Your Average Coaching Program.

It’s An Empowerment and Implementation Program

Created For Writers, By A Writer.

The Program Is For You If:

  • You’re haunted by a would-be book or could-be writing career, but can never seem to consistently put butt-in-chair to actually write


  • You’re done with excuses. You’re ready to prioritize your writing by taking radical action  


  • You believe in planning for inspiration and dreams so they can be realized here and now


  • You want to know that your time, desires, and needs are just as important as anyone else’s. You know things are getting in the way unnecessarily and you need help getting real about your priorities with a simple, laser-focused assessment so you can clearly see exactly how much time and energy you’re devoting to what


  • You need help accommodating and planning for chaos, so you know how to keep your writing on the front burner, even when life is demanding


  • You’re ready to cultivate the essential skills of self-permission, compassion, and flexibility so you can create long-term change and momentum


  • You want to understand how core values, creative integrity, and inspiration follow action, not the other way around


  • You need one-on-one support, customized resources, problem-solving, and accountability as you build life-long habits and overcome negative stories


  • You want to create a 30-day planning template to use whenever you need it, whether it’s 12 months a year, or just for right now


  • You’ve wanted to write something for a year or more and made little or no progress

A Little About Me

And Why I Created This Program

I understand the painful and insidious nature of resistance because I went through 25 years of it. I used inspired planning to reclaim my life and in the process, transformed into a successful, full-time writer.

My poetry has been nominated for a prestigious Ronna Jaffe Breadloaf Award for Women’s Poetry and I have over 10 years of experience teaching and coaching writers. Teaching my best students at the University level led me to want to help writers outside of that system.

I like to know what’s up. I’m a creative advocate and resource diva who prides herself on knowing about high-quality writer resources. This is why my article, 101 Writing Resources That’ll Take You From Stuck To Unstoppable went viral with thousands of shares and was an top online editor’s “Best Of Resource.”

Here’s What You Get When You Purchase

We begin with one 90-minute assessment and calendar detox session where I help you discover time and energy leaks. During this session, I guide you to create space for and build a weekly writing routine that adds at least 28 hours of writing time per month. By the end of our call, your new writing time will be scheduled into your calendar.

After the assessment session, you will have 3 30-minute weekly accountability calls.

After each call, I will send you an “action sheet”: a customized list of 1-3 recommendations and/or resources that will support you as you confront resistance, create new habits, and get words down.

Bonus: Get the “12 Greatest Hits of Resistance” audio. Increase your awareness of the types of resistance you experience so when they appear, you can process them more effectively. Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Oh, and don’t forget all the work you’ll produce once you begin to show up regularly. You’ll start to see a radical shift during your very first week. This is a shift that most clients say affects their entire life, not just their writing. That’s a level of fulfillment you can’t put a price on.

To sum it up, you get:

  • 1 90-minute Assessment + Calendar Detox Session
  • A custom writing routine pre-scheduled in your calendar  
  • 3 30-minute accountability and tweaking calls with Cynthia
  • Personalized weekly action sheets
  • The “12 Greatest Hits of Resistance” Audio

Inspiring Results You Can Look Forward To

Because of the gifts Cynthia gave me in our session, I was able finish my second book (and I mean finish…even sent off for publication!) in ONE week.

Before I had my session, I could think of a million things that I needed to get done before my writing. And then if I did sit down to write, I was plagued by so many distractions (from family interruptions to my own lack of willpower over the internet). Because of all of that, the second book of my trilogy was taking months longer to write than I had originally anticipated. But then I had my Time Alchemy Session with Cynthia. She was immediately warm, welcoming and knowledgeable at the start of our session.

She was also practical and results-oriented, which I really appreciate. One of the most meaningful things that happened in our session is that she helped me see just how important my writing project is to me. Once I had that knowledge I was able to create the boundaries I needed to easily get my writing done. I now look forward to my scheduled writing times every day and plan to make it a lifelong habit.

Jenna Hiott, Author of The Todor Trilogy, Amazon Bestseller

There was something magical about talking with Cynthia because it gave me permission to write “my own stuff” with the same degree of devotion and seriousness as I treat others’ projects. It was a combo of that and “accidentally” re-finding and re-listening to my Fire Starter’s Session with Danielle Laporte that suddenly ignited me to begin some of the things that I’ve thought about and talked about doing for too many years. (That’s what led to me *finally* developing my “Wildcrafting Your Story: How to Write for Wisdom and Wellbeing”! And I have other workshops and writing-related endeavors of my own in the works…)

I’ve had to be more flexible than is ideal with my writing hour, but the main thing for me right now is that I HAVE writing time that’s mine. So thank you Cynthia for being the catalyst. I’m attempting to plan 3-4 mini-writing retreats monthly to keep me on track and to allow for deeper focus–and making up for sometimes-scattered weeks.

Emily-Sarah Linebeck, Editor and Contributor to Washington Post

I’m a mom with 3 kids under 5. Cynthia was very understanding of the demands and limitations on my time right now. She gave me accountability to make my own writing a priority, encouragement, and permission to be flexible in my writing schedule–the point is not to set a firm schedule and never deviate. The point is to set an intention to make my own writing as important as the writing and needs of others. As a result of working with her I have finished some anthology work, and dusted off my book project. The more I read the things I write and the more I talk to people about my perspective on writing and editing, the more I realize that my unique gifts and viewpoint are needed NOW. 

Angela Mosely, Writer, Editor, Ghostwriter

The investment is $450.


There are only 2-4 spaces each month.


Welcome to Your Revolution.

Still have questions?

Here is what happens after you apply.

Your application is the first step to clarity. I use it to help determine if we’re a good fit. Then, we schedule a free 30-minute phone call when you get to ask all the questions you need. We decide together if this program will benefit you. By the end of the call, you’ll have all the information you need to make a good decision for yourself and your writing. If you want to apply but have a question before you do, email cynthia@cynthialindeman.com.