Dear Writer,

Ever been tweeted thousands of times?

Technically, it was 1008 but it felt like thousands.

My latest article over at Jon Morrow’s blog is an epic link-haul and resource extravaganza that addressed the common problems all writers face.

But, some very important things got CUT from that book-markable baby. Mostly the stuff that catered to “creative writers.”

So, you adorable darling of a creative writer you, here are hand-picked resources to rock your writing life.


Sign up here for Nanowrimo’s kamikaze-style challenge in National Novel Writing Month (that’s Novembris for you Latin speakers).


PROMPTS has over 1,000 prompts to keep you i-pad and i-phone darlings happy.


Pubslush is burying the dreaded coffin of the slush pile once and for all by proving your “talent” and “market viability.” (Geez, those are snazzy words).


Writer’s Relief handles submissions and queries for you (so you can write more!).


Story-o-meter turns your plodding into playing.


The Review Review entertains with insightful interviews + literary magazine news that puts the punch back on the party table.


Poets and Writers.  It’s the best mass-market pub for creative writers IMHO. Check out their handy dandy submission calendar and other writerly tools.


24 Pearl Street’s distance classes and literacy star teachers will blow up your radar detector if you’re serious about a literary career.


These prestigious universities get an “A+” for providing FREE distance education for creative writers:


The Loft has even more high quality classes for you ravenous rebels bent on perfecting your craft.


Extra! Extra! Get your free (+ real) book reviews at Story Cartel.


Henry Miller suggests a daily creative routine for writers (and bohemians)


Scribophile features a mega-watt writing community that they promise “works.”


Notegraphy might turn into your new favorite drug . . . I mean, digital play toy. You’ve been warned.


Creativity divas, Danielle LaPorte (Desire Map) + Linda Sivertsen (Your Big Beautiful Book Plan) have teamed up to gift The Beautiful Writers Group.


Love my Letterbox is bringing back the romance and beauty of letters. Anyone remember crafting those 4-page letters and finding your soul as your poured it out to friends and lovers . . . then adorning it with pictures, collages or doodles? I sure do (and I still have some that others sent me)!


The ladies at Scratch are doing some truth-telling of their own. They’ve opened up the floodgates so writers can actually report (anonymously) who paid them and how much. (Yes, I use it and I think you should, too).


Speaking of Scratch, it’s a pub that actually addresses the intersection of writers and money.  Reading this is not optional if you’re serious about making money in the creative economy. {UPDATE: Scratch went bust in 2015 but we can look forward to the best articles in the editor’s upcoming anthology}.


Byliner says so what! to the ever-shrinking market for literary work with pay as you go plans for work from the best writers around.


That’s all for now, writers. Don’t let anyone or anything drown your voice or your dreams in this loudest of times.


From my heart to yours,



I love keeping scanning the Internet for quality resources. How bout’ dropping me a line and letting me know if any of these links go dead?

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