We dreamt of writing our story for ten years and hired several writers that didn’t deliver. We met writers and editors all the time but none of them felt right. We wanted someone with great writing skills, but we also needed someone who loved our story as much as we did. When we met Cynthia, we knew she was different.

She took the time to get to know us, understand what we stand for, and tell the story the way we want it told. After our consultation, we hired her to help us with our story and book proposal.

Our book is almost finished and we’re delighted. Our dream is coming true and it feels awesome!

Mel and Lynda Fergenbaum, National Teachers for the Redirect Your Life Experience and aspiring authors

Before I had my session, I could think of a million things that I needed to get done before my writing. And then if I did sit down to write, I was plagued by so many distractions (from family interruptions to my own lack of willpower over the internet). Because of all of that, the second book of my trilogy was taking months longer to write than I had originally anticipated. But then I had my Time Alchemy Session with Cynthia. She was immediately warm, welcoming and knowledgeable at the start of our session.

She was also practical and results-oriented. One of the most meaningful things that happened in our session is that she helped me see just how important my writing project is to me. Once I had that knowledge I was able to create the boundaries I needed to easily get my writing done.

Because of the gifts Cynthia gave me in our session, I was able finish my second book (and I mean finish…even sent off for publication!) in ONE week.

I now look forward to my scheduled writing times every day and plan to make it a lifelong habit.

Jenna Newell Hiott ~ Healer and Author of The Todor Trilogy


I had a chapter to write under a tight deadline and called Cynthia. I knew my chapter was okay but wrote it under duress so I wanted an extra pair of eyes. What Cynthia did with it was amazing. She made the angels sing and I can’t wait to work more with her!

Sandra Grace, Co-founder of WNC Woman Magazine

The Time Alchemy Program changed my life.

I wasn’t even sure exactly what I needed when I enrolled except for more time to devote to my memoir. But once I received what I needed through the program, I realized it was a lot more than just time.

When you aren’t famous, writing a memoir can appear a bit frivolous. Cynthia helped me embrace my story, define what I wanted to experience in the writing of it, and confirmed the legitimacy of my project. Her support was amazing, and my progress in one month was far beyond what I expected.

Cynthia’s thoughtful coaching style was the exact support I needed to launch my project. In her direct yet gentle coaching style, she seemed to effortlessly land on the important issues I needed to address in order to support myself while writing this deeply personal and emotional piece. Cynthia’s knowledge and experience, coupled with her supportive style was exactly what I needed to create a safe space to explore my life story.

I highly recommend Cynthia and the Time Alchemy program for other writers navigating this delicate terrain!


Sam Tucker

Cynthia is the type of person a writer wants in their corner.

Her approach is so simple, yet profound. She’s incredibly supportive and holds space for your process while also keeping you focused to meet your goals. She was supportive and non-judgmental, helping me to process the blocks that prevent me from writing regularly. She helped me clarify the importance of writing in my life and her focus on actionable steps that I could take made it easy to follow through on my commitment.

Syren ~ Writer-Activist, Priestess, Co-founder of “Many Gods West”

I’m a mom with 3 kids under 5. Cynthia was very understanding of the demands and limitations on my time right now. She gave me accountability to make my own writing a priority, encouragement, and permission to be flexible in my writing schedule –the point is not to set a firm schedule and never deviate. The point is to set an intention to make my own writing as important as the writing and needs of others.

As a result of working with Cynthia I have finished some anthology work, and dusted off my book project.

The more I read the things I write and the more I talk to people about my perspective on writing and editing, the more I realize that my unique gifts and viewpoint are needed NOW.

Angela Mosely ~ Writer, Editor, Ghostwriter

There was something magical about talking with Cynthia because it gave me permission to write “my own stuff” with the same degree of devotion and seriousness as I treat others’ projects.

It was a combo of that and “accidentally” re-finding and re-listening to my Fire Starter’s Session with Danielle Laporte that suddenly ignited me to begin some of the things that I’ve thought about and talked about doing for too many years. (That’s what led to me finally developing my “Wildcrafting Your Story: How to Write for Wisdom and Wellbeing”! And I have other workshops and writing-related endeavors of my own in the works…)

I’m planning 3-4 mini-writing retreats monthly to keep me on track and to allow for deeper focus–and making up for sometimes-scattered weeks. I’ve had to be more flexible than is ideal with my writing hour, but the main thing for me right now is that I HAVE writing time that’s mine. So thank you Cynthia for being the catalyst.

Emily-Sarah Linebeck, Author of “Preserving the Past,” Contributor to Washington Post, Editor for WhitlineInk

Not only did Cynthia help me carve out 28 extra hours of writing time in the upcoming month, she also gave me fresh tips I hadn’t heard before for supporting my new writing habit. She was both supportive and professional, and her kindness and understanding was such a comfort to me. She truly understands what it’s like to be both passionate about writing and terrified of writing, and she knows how to make “showing up” easier. I’m so pleased with our session, and am excited to jump into my schedule next week!

Emma Wilson ~ Poet, Editor, and Author of Map to the Multiverse