I believe this is not just about writing a book.

It’s a healing journey into empathy.

I might craft the story

but its truth always belongs to you.

When you trust me with your story, it’s an honor. I hold the energetic space that empowers you to speak it, and then I help you communicate it.

I’m passionate about your story because when I write it, I don’t just write words. I write feelings and I write from feelings.

I will take the time to truly get to know you and learn the subtleties of your story, so I can jump into your skin and write as you would.

I’m going to get very clear about who you are and what you stand for so that I truly understand your point-of-view and your needs.

I’m perceptive and I can see your story and character objectively in ways you probably can’t.

I know our lives are essentially tragicomic. They are a blend of the beautiful, the terrible, and everything in between. I make strategic and editorial decisions with you to craft and present the story and tone you envision.

I’m a survivor. This means I can write about trauma, struggle and conflict with resonance and authority.

I can also write with levity and humor because I like to have fun as much as the next person – maybe more.

I listen deeply, I’m nonjudgmental, and I’m highly interested in the human story which has a totally unique expression through you. I champion your uncompromising authenticity and create a safe space for your book to be born.  

I have faith and I believe in magic. I believe some books and stories are magical. I’ve witnessed and experienced their breathtaking power to impact and I hold that vision for your book.

I’m an excellent communicator who works with people I empathize with. I use our genuine rapport to create the energetic and technical foundation of the book.

Here’s What I Can Ghostwrite or Co-Author With You

  • Memoir
  • Self-help with strong memoir aspect (blended/fusion memoir)
  • Book proposals
  • Short non-fiction projects

Here’s A Little More Information About Me & My Work

I’m a published, highly-skilled, dynamic, literary writer with graduated Summa Cum Laude a Masters Degree in Literature. And I’ve studied with some of the best memoirists and poets in the country.

My poetry has been nominated for a prestigious Ronna Jaffe Broadleaf Award for Women’s Poetry and I also have over 10 years of experience teaching writing at the University level. Teaching and encouraging my best students led me to want to help writers outside of that system.

I’m a full-spectrum, professional ghostwriter and coach who became full-time 6 months after launching my business because my clients got such great results from working with me. Let me explain what I mean by full-spectrum.

I’m a full-spectrum ghostwriter, which means I’m a little bit coach, a little bit agent, a little bit story collaborator, a little bit angel, and a lot writer. I customize this mix to fit your needs.

I’m an intuitive communicator who’s met and and profiled several highly successful people, and I’ve given over hundreds of hours of interviews. You can find my interview with Pulitzer Prize finalist Alan Shapiro in this book. See my interview of African American poet Vievee Francis here. I was personal liaison to Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and, because my mom worked at the White House,  I’ve met 3 American presidents in my lifetime.

I often use interviews to learn about your story and personality and to channel the spirit and structure of your story, even if you haven’t been able to.

I’m a reliable collaborator and project manager who does all the organizational heavy lifting and guides you through every step. All you have to do is show up for our weekly chat, many of which will be cathartic and deeply affecting, as you connect to and re-live your story. At the end of these interviews, you’ll have your book.

I can do light-lifting, too, energizing and refining your material though inspired editing.

I’m knowledgeable about book publishing and the traditional publishing world, including nonfiction marketing trends. I can educate you and help you decide if you want to try to sell your book to a publisher. When it’s time, I can guide you through the process of finding an agent and writing your proposal. Or, I will write it for you. If traditional publishing is not for you, I will help you build a vision and advocate for the perfection of how you want to share your story.  

I’m a connector with connections. Whenever possible, I provide opportunities to help you do things like gather book blurbs from influential supporters, or get your work in front of agents. I will also leverage my connections and industry knowledge to help you find talented, reliable sub-contractors like the perfect editor.

The Importance of RIGHT FIT

For A Successful Book Collaboration

Hiring a ghostwriter or story collaborator can be scary because it represents a huge investment of time, energy and resources. And you’re not just looking for anybody. You’re not just looking for a “good fit.” You’re looking for the “right fit.”

That’s why I offer an affordable introductory package: the Infinite Devotion Story Consultation.

This $600 package gives us a chance to work together to see if we’re the right fit because I only work with people and stories who are a “right fit” and I want the same for you. Within six weeks of purchase, you’ll have 6 hours of audio interviews and an outline you can use for your book. You’ll also know very clearly if you’re ready to get your book written, what kind of support you need, and if you want my help.

This package is the first step in my ghostwrite process. We use it to decide together whether to move into contract negotiations for a full ghostwrite. If we sign a contract, the material from the package is used as a baseline for writing the book.

Are you ready to get your book out?

Still have questions?

Your application is the first step to clarity. I use it to determine if we could be a good fit. Then, we schedule a free, zero-pressure phone call when you get to ask all the questions you need. By the end of the call, you’ll have the information you need to make a sound decision for yourself and your book. If you want to apply, but have questions before you do so, email