Hey rebel creators!  There’s nothing better than a handy resource at the perfect moment.  Here’s a little round up from my desktop to yours.  ENJOY!

Amanda Oaks has created a really nice web zine called Words Dance.  It’s mission is to “spread words and art.”  The design, layout, & content is well done.  The poetry, in particular, is very accessible while still being worth reading.  A poet (I don’t remember who) once said: “I take my poetry like I take my life: difficult.”  The poetry and writing in this publication is not difficult – more like goes down easy, smooth & creamy.  And if you subscribe, you can get a FREE issue in your inbox, which is pretty nice!

If you are interested in browsing the archives of Poetry magazine through 1912, the Poetry Foundation has made their archives available here.  It’s all scanned & chock full of historical, literary & cultural interestingness.

Here is my favorite find of the week: Poetry Foundation issues an audio”Poem of the Day” & you can view a working list of them here.  But that’s not the best part.  The BEST part is that you can subscribe to get it in your inbox here.  So, if you’re looking to bring more poetry in your life or if you are a poet who reads a lot, this is a great way to do that.  You get to hear the voice of the poet, which is a great learning tool.

This conversation by Esther Fink about a writer’s “office” seems so simple I could almost dismiss it.  Almost.  Except I myself went through that very quandary for a few months & caused myself undue stress.  So, I believe it’s an issue every serious writer needs to think about.


Till next time, BIG Hugs!


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