Magnify and Love Your Money

+ A Money Mind-Set For Writers


The far enemy of joy is envy. — Pema Chodron

It’s been an exciting few weeks for me. I’m in negotiations to write someone’s memoir and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Last week I mentioned the number I was in negotiations for. Someone didn’t like it. This is why I don’t regret it. It has everything to do with the “M-Word.”


People have different names for “money.” I’m trying to get as comfortable as possible with “money” so I just call it money. But I’ve heard people refer to it as abundance, wealth, being rich, and money mindset.

Writers have all kinds of goals but I happen to be the type of writer who aims to pay their bills through writing. Therefore, money is a significant part of that. I talk about it so I can be an example to other writers and show them that they can improve their money mindset, and in so doing, make more money using their talents.

Money isn’t a dirty word.

It’s a fact of life – at least until our economy totally transforms to another unit of trade.

Money and success mindset are critical for writers and other creative people who actually want to make their living through their talents. Why? Because if you don’t believe you can make enough money to support yourself through your talent then you never will.

Money is essentially meaningless and neutral. It doesn’t make someone inferior or superior. It doesn’t make someone worthy or unworthy. It doesn’t make someone superficial, less enlightened or prideful. It means whatever we decide it means. It’s as valuable as we make it. If there’s a problem with money, it’s a result of our attitudes and projections.

And these are the exact attitudes we need to evolve. I choose to do it by constantly working on my money story and by being transparent about the money and relationships that create “success” for me as a writer. I also choose to do it by celebrating my abundance and success whenever it shows up.

Any money I come by honestly is a blessing to be appreciated.

And any money I come by through my talents is a grace to be loved and magnified. It’s not a secret to be hidden away, be ashamed of, or something that makes you a bad person somehow.

The Fact Is, Most Of Us Are Wrong About Money.

Most people (myself included) have lots of hang-ups around money . . . how it comes to you, what to do with it, how to share it, and whether to talk about it. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • It’s impolite or immodest to talk about money in a positive way because people will think you’re bragging. You will get rejected for having too little money. You will get rejected for having too much. On a broader level, secrecy about money – like all secrets – hold an exploitative and abusive power and class structure in place. The truth is that people who love you will celebrate your success and be motivated to achieve more of their own.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees so it’s very hard – maybe impossible – to get. Would anyone like a plate of lack with a side of work-a-holism?
  • If you do get it, you can only get enough of it through working a conventional job or career like teaching, law, or nursing. This is great for some people. But for many writers and artists this conservative attitude is the poison we have to retroactively treat ourselves for. It’s also becoming increasingly irrelevant in our economy.   
  • Make sure to hide whatever money you do have, shrouding it in a veil of secrecy because if you don’t bad things will happen. People will be jealous or not like you. People will steal your money. People will lie or manipulate you to get your money. I think bad things do happen in life. But most of them can be prevented or composted with awareness, self-love and boundaries.
  • Money is a reflection of our mindset and self-worth. It’s a result of our “powers of attraction.” The positive psychology and coaching set just loves this one. It becomes slippery when less than ideal results create feelings of not being “good” or “strong” enough to attract the money you want. It also creates the illusion of control where no control exists. We have control over our perceptions, and to an extent, we do co-create our lives. But folks, we do not control the universe. Nor will we be punished as the “Creator” for being in a bad mood.  

Here’s what I’m noticing about all these statements: They’re beliefs that can be changed, if you want.

Here Are A Few Things I Do To Change Toxic Beliefs About Money.

  1. I use the word “money.”
  2. I talk about and celebrate money, especially when it’s related to my writing career.
  3. I watch money, usually checking my bank account each day.
  4. I have a plan for money. My plan is nothing overly clever but it’s a plan and that’s something.
  5. I take responsibility for money, using my bad decisions to try and make better ones.
  6. I study people who have awesome money and success mindsets. I know if they can do it, I can too.
  7. I untrain any magical thinking around money while acknowledging the power of belief to affect it and stay open to miracles.
  8. I stay away from “money negativity.”
  9. I generally don’t “barter” for my skills.

My wish is that you give yourself permission to ask for and accept money with gladness.That you can bear witness to your own and another’s abundance with joy. And that you always know how worthy you really are, underneath all your money stories.

I’ve attached a Money Mini-Retreat” for you to do some of your own money work. Stick it in your planner and do it on your lunch break. Doodle on it. Make it into a paper airplane. Breathe. Have faith. Relax around money.

Click on the image below to get your mini-retreat. You’ll head on over to Google docs where you’ll see a short PDF. Easy peasy.




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