This prompt is a little radical because it involves the play faculty, which is repressed in nearly all adults – or completely cooped by the media and entertainment spheres.  Yes, play – the love of something spontaneous just cause’ – is a vital part of creative thought and intelligence.  I have come up with 1 of my best poems using a method similar to the 1 above.  I called this poem “Just Sylvia” and I used internet search engine logic to find, deconstruct, and then reconstruct “Sylvia’s” identity.  I ended up with something quite surreal but that was the point. Can we ever know who we are?

1. Don’t Cheat.

2. Cut 20 pictures from magazines (make sure to use a variety of types).

3. Crumble all the pictures into balls & put them into a container of some type: box, bowl, etc.

4. Pick 3 out randomly.

5. Write a few pages that involve all 3 images.


BONUS: Write the entire thing WITHOUT dialogue or speaking.  

Taken from Jack Heffron’s The Writer’s Idea Workshop


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