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Happy weekend folks! I have a great prompt for you.  I’ve been writing & thinking a lot this week about how we either have a room of our own – or we don’t.  And does it matter?  I’ve got a prompt in two stages for you this week.  All of my prompts have a double focus (that’s what makes them so special).  They both prompt you to write AND transform in some way.  Many of them involve, not only writing, but taking another concrete action towards your dreams & goals.  I’m going to try to break the stages up if I can so you can choose to just do the writing OR engage in the transformative work, too.

I JUST WANT TO WRITE:  Write for 10 minutes.  Use the phrase “room of one’s own” somewhere in the text.

I’M A TOTAL REBEL CREATOR.  I WANT TO WRITE + TRANSFORM: After writing your 500 words, look around your writing space, the space where you JUST WROTE.  Write about how this writing space feels to you right now.  If it could use some improvement, add one special thing to it NOW.  The key to making this work is actually doing it, so don’t put it off.  Don’t spend more than 5 minutes choosing your addition.  Some ideas: your favorite book or an image from childhood (or now); a keepsake, a favorite quote.  If your writing space is only your computer for now, then add something to your “virtual” office.

Did you do this??  I would love to know! Please share your experience with me.



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