If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write. — Steven King Reading helps you to learn about yourself as a writer: what language moves you; which writers make you laugh and cry and feel connected to time and life and change; which poets make you remember, in a rich feeling way, particular moments in your life — Rita Gabis

Prompt: Is there a list of writers or one writer in particular that you have always wanted to read but have felt intimidated by?  Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare, Voltaire, whoever . . . Make a list of writers you’ve been too scared, lazy, or distracted to read & choose one.  Begin investigating their work this week & get something of theirs to read.  Start reading. (Now, I suspect if you read them, you will find yourself quite inspired to WRITE).  Is it true?  Let me know if you did this prompt & what results you got. Prompt inspired by The Portable MFA in Creative Writing by The New York Writer’s Workshop.

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