The challenge is called WRITERS UP AT 6 AM TOGETHER.


It’s FREE.


It’s fabulous.


And it includes kittens.


But think not to assume this a light affair, my friend.

It’s a 40 day challenge that motivates you to finally stick to a daily writing routine.

And this practice will teach you so much in and of itself.

I’m going to welcome you, explain the challenge, and give tips for success in my Google+ livestream on Friday October 10th (that’s tomorrow people).

You can RSVP for the challenge here . . . and if you can’t catch it, it will be posted on YOUTUBE.

Here’s the basic concept:

  1. You want inspiration to start a daily writing habit (even if you don’t have time)
  2. You accept the challenge
  3. You tune into my Google+ livestream daily at 6 AM EST for the duration of the challenge
  4. Once you’re finished watching the livestream and you’re all motivated and stuff, you start an uninterrupted writing session that lasts at least 1 hour.

Therefore, every day you will write 1 hour (excluding weekend days).

Each video will be immediately available for viewing so you can tune in at 6 AM in whatever time zone you’re in.

Should you decide to accept this challenge, you can hang with me live tomorrow at 12:30 PM EST to get all the juicy details and see who else is on the writing team.

Do you accept?









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