This is a VLOG from the WRITERS GETTING UP AT 6 AM TOGETHER 40 day challenge.  This is for the 90% of writers who are ready to stop whining and start a daily writing habit, even if they “don’t have time.”

This time is for US. It’s about the work you WANT to write and explore. It’s not about school, business, or Christmas lists.  It’s not about pinning inspirational quotes about writers on Pinterest or anything like that either.

I’m really excited about the amazing group of people who have accepted this challenge. They’re saying they want to use this time to finally think about writing as art, or about writing 1,000 words a day and storyboarding, or about journalling beauty.

As for me, I’m still working on my rather unwieldy essay about why I’m ditching the traditional creative economy.


Here are my tips and observations about making my own damn time and getting up at 6 AM to write:


Mondays always suck.  Monday is always hard.  So is Tuesday and Wednesday.  By Thursday, you’re feeling good.

Time Is Relative.  You realize that getting up at 5:15 AM in the morning to write is the same as getting up at 7:00 AM or 9:00 AM.  It’s just numbers on a clock.  After awhile it doesn’t matter.

How ya feelin??  Check in with how you’re feeling about your writing every day.  Get still. I use this check in to figure out what I need to affirm for myself that day.

Discipline is creative nectar. NO distractions means NO distractions.

Try yin writing.  Connect with and feel the sensations in your body and practice self-care.

You betta work (as Missy Elliot once sang). No writing book, blog, magazine, or famous writer advice is going to do this work for you. You have to do it yourself.  You can either find incredible power in this inevitability or feel like a victim.  Most of us vacillate between the two, I think.

Affirm what needs love.  I try a new affirmation each day that I actually create on the spot.  My favorite from last week is one that’s so, so important:


[Tweet “Every moment I devote to my writing expands what’s possible”]

Now, run along and love yourself by TAKING ACTION.

Including not reading this blog.






INSTA-SPIRATION (driving into Atlanta totally inspired by an AMAZING hip-hop DJ)


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  • colleen barnes

    Today my biggest pet peeve would b violence, I am and always will b against all violence in America, but my biggest ever is how politicians r using dirty politics to assume office, they should assume the position lol, however, it startled me to c a picture of trayvon martin on tv not because someone figured out that zimmerman was guilty but because he was being commercialized for someone’s political gain, if I could speak for Trayvon I would say Don’t use me, let me rest, right now I am seeking another quest, I am not another crooked politician’s vest, How about the need to invest, or should I say investigate what constitutes another taking someone’s life, versus someone gaining from it notary if I believe right another insult to injury occurred when Ebola become widespread panic r we serious, when will the madness end, that’s why being a poet and connoisseur of the finer things in life I choose to follow this post and blog until my blog has blogged out(lol..I slay me)when I
    decided to indulge my google+ who would have known that my fan base would lead me to such interesting people, right now I should b in the hospital, but I am still blogging for the better good and to assist cynthia in her quest to impress the world with our writing skills

    • Cynthia Lindeman

      WHAAAT! This is awesome 🙂

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