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You’ve got a true-life story to tell and you think it might be a book. You’re looking for support but might not know what kind you need. Do you need a book coach, writing coach, ghostwriter, story collaborator . . . or a customized mix?

This package will give you the answers.

This is the first step in the ghostwriting process for storytellers.

But it doesn’t havee to be.

Maybe you want to skip the ghostwriting and use the story consultation to explore and understand your story, and create a story outline. 

During the consultation, I’ll ask you lots of questions and listen for your story’s heartbeat and your true voice (your true voice might be different from your writing). I’ll be able to grasp your story and create a story outline, even if you haven’t been able to. I’ll also evaluate what kind of support you need and what I can do to help you.   


The story consultation is right for you if:

  • You’re a highly committed aspiring author or storyteller who wants to write a memoir or blended memoir (cross-genre memoir)


  • You have a “true magic” story that enriches culture with an authentic story of hope, empowerment, transformation, or even miracles  


  • You need significant support in structuring and visioning your book   


  • You suspect you might need a ghostwriter but need help deciding, or have no idea how to find the right one   


  • You’re ready to commit time, energy, and money to create your book  

This Is What You Get When You Purchase

Once you purchase the package, I’ll send a welcome email and we’ll set up 2 interview sessions. Each interview is 3 hours long and can take place in person or by teleconference.

After we’ve completed the 6-hour interview, I’ll write up my recommendations and your story outline.  We’ll also schedule a 1-hour decompression session, during which we’ll go over the story outline and my recommendations.  All work is completed within 4-6 weeks of purchase. 


The package includes:

  • A 6-hour deep dive interview, during which I’ll intuit and analyze your story
  • My honest assessment of your story and writing. I’ll figure out if your writing reflects your compelling voice, and I’ll evaluate what kind of support you’ll need from me, whether you need me as a book coach, writing coach, story consultant and collaborator, editor, or ghostwriter.
  • My creation and written assessment of your core storyline, which is based on the mythic heroic jounrey. This can become the outline for your book but it also allows a lot of flexibility in book structure. 
  • A 1-hour decompression conversation where we talk about your story outline and my recommendations
  • Copies of notes from our call
  • Recordings of all session calls (transcripts provided as add-on service for additonal charge)

BONUS: All notes and written assessments will be sent to you in a beautiful 3-ring binder so you can keep it handy. This can be where you put your notes and writing should you decide to work on your own, or collaborate with someone.

Inspiring Results

You Can Look Forward To

We dreamt of writing our story for ten years and hired several writers that didn’t deliver. We met writers and editors all the time but none of them felt right. We wanted someone with great writing skills, but we also needed someone who loved our story as much as we did. When we met Cynthia, we knew she was different. She took the time to get to know us, understand what we stood for, and tell the story the way we want it told. After our consultation, we hired her to help us with our book and book proposal. Our book is almost finished and we’re delighted. Our dream is coming true and it feels awesome!

Mel and Lynda Fergenbaum, Creator/Teachers Of Redirect Your Life Experience

The Investment For The Package Is $600

Hiring a ghostwriter or book coach can be stressful. It’s critical that you work with someone who’s talented, knowledgeable, reliable, and connected. But the most important thing you should do is trust your gut, look for someone who shares your vision, and for someone who believes in your story as much as you do.

Are you ready to get started?

Apply for an Inspired Book Strategy Session. The application will help me understand you and your project, and help me ensure our strategy session is as inspiring and productive as possible.  

Still have questions?

Here is what happens after you apply.

Your application is the first step to clarity. I use it to determine if we could be a good fit. Then, we schedule a free, zero-pressure phone call when you get to ask all the questions you need. By the end of the call, you’ll have the information you need to make a sound decision for yourself and your book. If you want to apply but have a question before you do, email