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This week’s prompt is extra gooey.  We’re working with the iconic images of the tarot deck to learn more about the hero’s journey and you know, get the juice flowin.  If you don’t know about the hero’s journey yet, you’re really, really wrong about what you know.

You just don’t yet know that you know.

The hero’s journey is encoded into 99% of Hollywood blockbusters from like forever ago so if you go to the movies you’re good.

Whether you write in poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, film, whatever, the hero’s journey is like the mythic story-water we swim in and began with Homer’s Illiad.  Actually, it pre-dates the Illiad.  Joseph Campbell illuminated the role of the hero’s journey in human civilization.

Vogler and Montez wrote about the hero’s journey for writers in their book The Writer’s Journey.

We’re going to use the imagery of the tarot to access this mythic journey.  Now there are a lot of tarot decks out there – either use your own OR just head on into GOOGLE images or Amazon and find one that has art that attracts you.  One of my favorite decks is the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.  Gaze, don’t look.  Take a minute to find the story in the card.  Now, write about it.

If you want to BUMP it up: Research the card’s traditional meaning.  Then, write about how the card connects to the hero’s journey as you understand it.

Okay, there are only 2 RULES for my weekly prompts that are instated like, NOW.

#1: If you want to work with the prompt, do it IMMEDIATELY.  Don’t wait.

#2: If you have to wait . . . if you really really have to then you have my permission to do it as soon as possible & then tell me about it.  Kay???  Because I really want you to ACT, to WRITE.  It’ll change your life, I swear . . . unless you’re already writing as much as you want and need to.  In which case, you should still do the prompt & have FUN.

Because it doesn’t suck to have fun.

That’s our prompt for this week!  Biggest Love to You + Keep Going.

PROPS: This prompt was inspired by a discussion in Andy Couturier’s Writing Open the Mind.

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