Hello rebel creators.  I know how much utterly banal and useless crap there is on the web.  This is the best of the best, from my desk to yours:

  • Copyblogger just posted the article Here’s How Maria Popova Writes.  I’m a total fan-girl of Maria’s as it is so difficult to find intelligent content writing.  This is a great article exploring a little bit of her brain.
  • A poet’s take on the online writing world of guest posts: The “guest post.”
  • Writers don’t need many tools.  Basically, a pen and paper should do.  But we live in an era of tools that can enrich our productivity.  Here’s a brief article outlining some high-quality tools for writers: From Freedom to Om.
  • You read about Ommwriter in the last link, yeah?  Now I heard about Ommwriter from my writer friend Rachel months ago.  They were not releasing it for months due to updates but NOW it is FINALLY available & I am jazzed to try it!!!  It’s a FREE download so try it with me.  Let’s compare notes.  Will it really increase our genius and pave the way to world domination??
  • Karen Daniels says:

I wanted to give you a 10 step plan but here is reality: Don’t go on a writing retreat. Don’t meditate longer. Don’t take classes. Don’t spend hours surfing the net. Don’t do anything that is not actually sitting down right now and writing.

She tells it like it is in  The One Word that Defines Who We Are & What We Write.  That’s why it’s worth your time.

  • If you’re a writer who wants to be published, a stop at poets & writers is what all the cool kids are doing.  Trust me.
  • Have you visited the website of your favorite writer lately?  Why not do that now?  It’s a really good idea.

I am always looking for awesome writer resources, whether they are articles, journals, presses, or anythig else we’d be interested in.  If you have an idea, shoot it my way.

Big Writer Hugs + Some Advice from Sharon Olds (Don’t Forget to Take your Vitamins)


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