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This is where you get some of the week’s best writing inspiration from the web.  I have an article on how to use Evernote to help with writing, advice on promoting a poetry collection, Seth Godin on his writing process.  Maria Popova combs the Paris Review for writers on their routines & serves it up in her smart blog Brainpickings & Jessica Hische designs awesome lettering for your online fancy (see image above).  Read on.

  • Evernote is my new best friend.  Not only do I keep all my blog and business notes on it, I keep my portfolio there.  I am really into learning how to use this tool to maximize my writing.  Sharon Lippincott specializes in memoir and life writing and has written “Evernote: The Writer’s Best Friend” about how she uses Evernote to help her.
  • In “Promoting a New Poetry Collection,” Robert Lee Brewer writes about his experience promoting a new poetry collection.  This is actually part 3 of a series so it might be helpful to browse the entire series if you have time.
  • And there’s this Q & A from Seth Godin on his writing process.
  • Finally, this is my absolute favorite web discovery of the week.  I adore this blog and its maker: Maria Popova.  She combed the Paris Review archives & collected writers sharing about their routines for article “The Daily Routines of Writers.”  Read all about writers like Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, Henry Miller, Joan Didion, and E.B. White.  Nice lunch reading, this.
  • Are you a letter nerd?  Check out Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische where you can find & USE her awesome letter designs online.  This is where I got the awesome “L” image for this post.  I can also use it to start a paragraph if I want.

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