Always on the prowl for writing stuff online that’s unmissable AND exceptional?

Me, too.

In fact, I’ve been prowling the internet for six months for a couple of reasons:

  • I’m a nerd
  • It’s my business to know what’s happening in books and writing

In the process, I’ve compiled an exhaustive list of amazing resources.

I’ll be publishing over a hundred of them sometime soon on a bigger blog but in the meantime, here are some of my TOP picks.

I chose them based on their overall comprehensiveness, their authenticity, their respect for writers, and their commitment to offering the highest-quality content.


Unmissable Blogs n’ Zines

Alexandra Franzen ~ She’s a sweetheart who writes practical + useable scripts for writers and entrepreneurs.

Brain Pickings ~ I have a brain and I like to use it. Maria Popova combs the New York Library daily and uses her research to publish something between an essay, blog, and book review. She’s my gold standard for smart content with popular appeal.

Copyblogger ~ Anyone who wants to be persuasive on the internet should read CB. They show outstanding respect for writers, even publishing an interview and article series based on creative writing and storytelling.

Creative Something ~ Quality research and musings on what makes creativity go.  The writer, Tanner, also develops apps for creatives.

Lifehacker ~ There are some really nice articles for writers here, so get friendly with the search or lose your day in all the other crazy-interesting stuff that has nothing to do with writing.

LitReactor ~ An online magazine for writers worth its salt. Also offers out-of-the-box classes and workshops.

Rebelle Society ~ Passionate writing by passionate people.

Terrible Minds ~ Irreverent.  NSFW and probably NSFL (not safe for life). The excellent and hilarious advice of a working writer.

The Millions ~ The quickest gun in book news.  I dare you to try to keep up with The Millions.

Justine Musk ~ Intelligent, sexy, soulful.  New feminism in a real world context.  Meet Justine.

Write to Done ~ Publishes general articles on any topic that’s of interest to writers.  Also has a yearly “Best Writers Blog” contest.  

99U ~ Articles, workbooks, videos OH MY!  The Behance blog caters to all concerns and issues of professional creatives.

Boost Blog Traffic ~ Tough love by Jon Morrow, who constantly admonishes writers to learn, do interesting stuff, and pay attention, mostly by pointing out all the necessary things we don’t like to hear. Articles are usually 2000+ words – chock full of value.  My all-time favorite?  How to be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers.


Unmissable Resources

Poets and Writers ~ Mainly, the forums and submission calendars.  The posts are eh.

The Review Review ~ Too legit to quit. This site is the reason I can actually NOT include a literary magazine on this list (I read those, too). I get introduced to many of them using Review Review, which features editor interviews, classifieds, and awesome reviews of literary mags.

Lithographs ~ A lithograph of the ENTIRE text of “The Last Unicorn” (beloved book of my childhood) on a t-shirt?  Break out the smelling salts! Find your fave book and wear it, kay?

Grub Street ~ High quality writing workshops.

Gotham Writers Workshop ~ High quality writing workshops.

UCLA Extension ~ Ummm. See above.

Harvard Extension ~ Not sure how high quality these are but it’s Harvard and so . . . worth at least knowing about.

Freedom ~ My new Can’t Live Without It! tool.  Every time I sit down to write my personal work, I block the internet for my designated time. And, you really do feel free. No kidding.

Story-O-Meter ~ Still an interesting app for writers who like or need prompts.

750 Words ~ It’s simple: you develop a writing habit by logging in 750 words daily.  I don’t use this because I don’t use word count (I use a time limit).  But I would totally use this if I wanted a daily word count.

Write or Die ~ Terrifying. But you can try. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Written Kitten ~ Kitties!  Every hundred words you get to see a new kitty!

Story Cartel ~ Free books for honest book reviews. Essential for the self-publishers out there.

OFlow ~ Tanner (over at Creative Something’s) app.  A nice way to ease in, a nice way to keep going.

Scrivener ~ I wouldn’t attempt a long writing project without this program.


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  • Lisa Fitzpatrick

    hi Cynthia, I’m so grateful for your compilation of resources here. Wow, what a rich source of great connection you have gathered. Thanks so much!

    • Cynthia Lindeman

      Lisa, you are so welcome 🙂

  • Cassandra Key

    Brilliant list, Cynthia! Will pass along.

    • Cynthia Lindeman

      thanks Cassandra 🙂

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