Today’s prompt is about sharing writing for the right reasons.  You know by now that I’m a rebel creator and as such, I feel and act as if writing is a journey – that is technical, craft-based, emotional, and spiritual in nature.  This is writing – rebel creator style.  Today’s prompt will engage several of these facets.

Read this passage by Bonnie Goldberg:

For some people, depriving themselves of the experience of of going public will nag at them for the rest of their lives.  That’s why I studied dance and choreography.  I simply had to try dancing.  I loved it.  I went on to teach dance, join a local dance troupe, and choreograph for them and another company.  Then I stopped dancing professionally.  I was insecure about my technical abilities and a little afraid of the gyspy-like life of dancers waiting tables between tours and rehearsals.  I couldn’t take the next step to committing to a dance career.  I regret that, but not nearly as much as I would have regretted never having been a part of the experience.  People like me can’t bear to live with “if-onlys.”  The life of regret about our writing is more painful than taking the risks involved in going public with it.

Today, share so that you have no regrets.  Do this by sharing a piece of your writing that you will later regret not sharing.  Share it in anyway you feel called but share it.

Prompt inspired by Goldberg’s workshop in the Art of Writing.  Edited by Sandra Bark.

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